Friday, April 25, 2008

BCCI's New proposal

Extract from a proposal submitted by Mr.Lalit Modi to the head honchos of the BCCI.
"....In accordance with the "Law of Enhanced Returns"*(Singhania and Mittal 2008), the Special Committee for Amassing More(SCAM) had come up with a series of proposals for enhancing the quality of spectator experience and ensuring greater player satisfaction with upcoming formats of cricket.We are happy to announce the completion of negotiations with interested parties for the next wave of Indian(performed on Indian soil) Cricket—-The IPL2.0-(Indian People's League 2.0)
As of now negotiations have been completed with the following parties:
Election Commission of India, Google, Sony Computer Entertainment,Samsung, Nokia,BSNL,Reliance India Mobile,AIRTEL, Dale Carnegie Foundation, Mattel Inc(producers of Barbie Doll),Mr.Upen Patel and Ms.Rakhi Sawant.

The Details-The team structure will be similar to the DLF Indian Premier League with the franchise format being employed.The schedule and venues shall be decided by the BCCI in consultation with the franchisees.

The success of this format, we believe, lies in its ability to ensure greater spectator participation and promote further team loyalty and interest in team affairs.

To this end we introduce the concept of a "Stakeholder"(ST).A ST is a spectator who will register by paying a specific amount.The ST is free to attatch himself to a team or remain independent. A spectator is also free to become a ST for one or more matches on payment of certain sums. As the name indicates,the ST by virtue of his status obtains the ability to influence key features of the games to be played.For instance the nature of the surface for the match(batting track,speedster-friendly condtions etc) wil be decided by STs(independent STs and those registered as supporters of the teams playing the match) through a voting procedure(see next para)

The matches will be reduced to 10 overs a side. At the end of the 7th over in the first innings, play will cease and all involved STs(independent STs and those registered as supporters of the teams playing the match) will be given a chance to choose the first innings score from a set of viable options. The poll will be conducted both online and via SMS.The players will then take the field again and together ensure that the score which has won most votes is achieved.At the end of the 7th over in the second innings, play will cease again and the STs will be given a chance to decide the end of the game. The players will again take the field and take the game to the conclusion that has been decided by popular vote.

Each and every franchisee will get a share of the revenue generated by the registration of STs who decide to be supporters of the particular franchisee.

All voting procedures will be monitored and certified by an elite panel from the Election Commission of India(ECI). Leading mobile service providers have, in principle, signed an agreement to permit ECI monitoring of votes.Google Inc.which has undertaken to run the website has also agreed to the same.

All players contracted to the IPL2.0 will lend their images to be used in a new generation of simulation games to be designed by Sony Computer Entertainment in collaboration with Nokia and Samsung.Sony shall also highlight the IPL2.0 in Sony PlayStation4. These simulation games shall be based on IPL 2.0 matches with an option for players to download real-time games at various points and play them on their cellphones/PlayStations.

Mattel Inc(The manufacturer of Barbie) has agreed to create life-size, realistic dolls of cheer leaders for interested STs who will be able to purchase them on becoming members of the elite “IPLatinum Club”

The Dale Carnegie Foundation,an authority on details of team cohesion and conflict, has undertaken to construct narratives of intra and inter-team harmony and discord which will be acted out by players.

Ms.Rakhi Sawant and Mr.Upen Patel have consented to host the IPL2.0 “Voice and Noise Show” to be aired on Sony Max.They shall become the media ambassadors of the new format.

Further details are being negotiated.

*Law of Enhanced Returns-"The revenue earned by “Cricket as a phenomenon”(Ghata and Ghosh 2007) is inversely proportional to the duration of individual matches and directly proportional to the quantity and quality of “extra-cricketual”(Bishnoi 2007) factors"---A study of Integrated Revenue Patterns in progressive and evolutionary forms of cricket”-Singhania and Mittal-2008

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