Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Katrina Awards

The citation

We are proud to present the Katrina Award to:
There is something very ironic yet fascinating in the fall of a 'chosen One'. That's because 1) the fall of a chosen One is a direct blow to the authority who made the choice and 2)there is often this inconspicuous and bumbling individual who ends up being the chosen One and it's really amusing seeing him/her strutting on a stage he/she does not belong to. That's the long and short of Uddhav Thackeray. Never a keen politico at any point of time, Uddhav has been thrust right into the centre of a controversy which has exposed his incapabilities as never before. There is, on one hand, the vast and tall legacy of the Thackeray Sr. There is, on the other hand, Raj Thackeray(handsomely aided and abetted by the Congress and the NC) who is stealing all the available thunder. One feels sorry as Uddhav is increasingly shut out from all public exposure, his statements(when he makes them ie) hardly provoking any response. Contrast this with Raj who has Maharashtra in flames and the rest of India fuming. On second thoughts, it's a relief. One Thackeray at a time is more than enough for India.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Specially the bit about one Thackeray ...

Nevertheless, I vigorously protest the insult to Katrina. She has a right to ... er ...She has rights. Period.

Prasanth said...

It has been increasingly evident that Katrina is growing beyond the limits set by this award. In fact she did seem to emote a bit in some recent movies. I fear for the future of my award. Will I have to rename it 'The Himesh award'??