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And while enough is enough....

                                 The Daily Pheesh
                                 saturday 14 may 2016

The 9/11 verification commission, in a special release yesterday, refused to grant the title of Sierra Leonne's 9/11 and Poland' 9/11 to the terrorist attacks that occurred in the first and second weeks of last month. It however officially certified that the attack on the 16th of last month in Baku can henceforth be referred to as Azerbaijan's 9/11. Mr. Wilkinson Blade, chair of the verification commision, while releasing the report in a news conference said that standards for granting the 9/11 title to terror attacks would have to be ramped up as "violent incidents which assault prominent national institutions are increasing both in number and in scope across the globe."
Mr Blade said that suggestions had been invited from governments all over the world on a new charter for 9/11 verification adding that the commission shall consider some of the after effects of the attack during the certification process. "I suppose unnecessary wars or say loss of faith in and abusive rhetoric against politicians could constitute some of the new criteria" said Mr. Blade. Interestingly, a member of the commission, on the condition of anonymity, expressed disgust with the recent proceedings of the commission and bemoaned the "importunate haste in claiming the 9/11 title as though that's the be all and end all of terror".
It is worth recalling that the 9/11 verification commission was set up following the international uproar over the decision of the State of New York to copyright the term 9/11 in January 2009. The members of the commission are appointed by the state of New York in consultation with the United Nations.

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Anonymous said...

No comments. I so understand. Specially that anonymous disgusted member!

BTW, if you havent already, Badri Raina:

And Dipesh Chakrabarthy:

Prasanth said...

I had already read Raina's article. At least one good thing from all this is how we have managed to encounter many hitherto unknown voices of sanity.
The Immanent Frame portal appears to be a goldmine!! :) Thanks.
Tarun Tejpal's piece in this week's Tehelka is something you might identify with.
And Harini Calamur at POV has done a great job in chronicling all the antics over the past couple of days.