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SPIN the verdicts

                                 The Daily Pheesh
                                 Friday July 1 2011

History was forged today as India's major religions buried centuries of acrimony to unite to form a single entity. The newly formed spiritual conglomeration, aptly titled SPIN(an acronym for Spiritual Power India) is the culmination of months of effort on the part of the heads of religious orders in India and has already been accepted as the governing entity by Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh spiritual leaders. The governing body of SPIN shall, in accordance with the glorious heritage of post-Independence India, comprise 3 members from each of India's major religious communities. Swamy Vishweshwarananda, the head of the VHP, and proposed Supreme Leader of SPIN pointed out that the composition of the governing council was a resounding slap to thoe who believed that the VHP scorned other religions. "They are all Hindus anyway", he said.

It is believed that congregations of religious figures of all religions will gather in the near future to formally approve and sanctify SPIN. The Vatican, in a brief statement, greeted the formation of SPIN and termed it yet another step in the progress of the gospel of love and harmony.

SPIN sources categorically denied a rumour that the formation of SPIN is in any way, a response to the landmark Supreme Court Judgement legalizing civil unions between homosexual couples.DP

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Lavanya said...

And I suppose you've heard Baba Ramdev is going to challenge the verdict? In the Supreme Court no less.
Some gems from from the petition:

[H]omosexuality is a disease that is curable. It can be treated like any other cogenital defect. . . by yoga, pranayam and other meditation techniques.

Homosexual relationships, if encouraged, would bring population growth of a country to a halt and may deprive this country of its greatest asset of human resources.

The second sounds like a good thing, no?! Just what the country needs, yes? :-)

Article here:

Anonymous said...

Well, all it takes is one common "enemy" to forge the most unlikely of friendships!

Good spin on the whole issue, btw!


Quirky Indian

Prasanth said...

Sorry for the delay folks. I have shifted base, become a student again; things are hectic!

Reminds me of an episode in south park where immigrants begin arriving in america from the future in search of jobs cause the future is too over-crowded. The rednecks there decide to "get gay" so that the future never happens :)

hmm...wonder what will bring anil and mukesh ambani together after all these years!