Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Comedy of Humours.

        In case it isn't very clear, the logos to the left are T-shirt legends too. A more comprehensive list of many more T-shirts carrying messages in the same vein
is available here. Interestingly the site gives the dictionary definition of humour as a part of its welcome message(in case anyone didn't get the point) along with a picture of the Statue of Liberty wearing one of the T-Shirts which talks about neutered cats and Liberals(ignoring, of course, the close etymological links between liberty and liberal). Fundamentalist humour of this sort is a bit of an eye-opener.
        On one hand it shows deep and pervasive the influence of such an ideology(I refer to the a fundamentalist brand of conservatism, which these shrits celebrate) and the extent of the struggle required to combat it. On the other hand, it also serves as a reminder to the fact that falling into partisan camps is too easy. It is just too easy to embrace the moral and political certainties that come with certain points of view, whether they be about the looniness of the left or the special rights that Hindus ought to have in India. It is too easy to adopt a world-view where one's opinions are as perfectly and predictably sorted out as groceries in a supermarket. This craving for convenience is no trademark of the "Right". Those who claim to be "leftists" are as guilty of these trends-the inability to question the basic foundations of a world-view being the most common of these trends. Of course I do not suggest moral or political zero-gravity. The essential idea is to ensure that one's keywords do not descend into the realm of cliches and that the supermarket attitude towards analysing issues is resisted with as much vigour as can possible.

Ps. The lady who expresses those most admirable sentiments in the logo at the top-left is Ann Coulter, one of the most venomous voices in American MSM(also author of some seemingly Shiv Khera-like books like "If Democrats had any Brains, they'd be Republicans). For more gems of this sort, do frequent her website. I go there pretty often, just to gain a sense of perspective!!

Ps. 2 Not that Che needed these T-Shirts. The first blow was struck when leftists started wearing similar ones.

Ps.3 In case there are any misunderstandings, "zero gravity" is used here in its "zingy but physically nonsensical" sense and does not in any way literally mean the absence of gravity.


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter speaks with Newsmax.TV

anwesha said...

good ones...
could we have some more of these?????

liked your point about the 'left' trivialising che by wearing his face on their bods
showing your loyalties on your sleeve only breeds more wannabes!