Tuesday, May 6, 2008

eve in Mallu land

An acerbic take on a prominent aspect of Mallu-land
"In spite of the high level of education, an irritatingly significant proportion of Keralan men seem to think they're God's gift to woman kind - something that seems several light years from the truth - and take the euphemistically named practice of eve teasing (usually referred to as sexual harassment / assault elsewhere) to Olympic standards. Apart from flagging us down in the middle of the road every few metres to ask our "good names", the tedious and seemingly endless squeals of "hey, baby" and "hi sexy", invariably accompanied by a kind of demented cackling or giggling (no doubt at the stunningly original wit) began to grate like nails on a blackboard after the 457th iteration of the morning.

The rest.

I have always been curious about the origin of the word eve-teasing. Sources indicate that the word is primarily used in the Indian sub-continent. Of course there is always the argument that the origin of the word is irrelevant, but as the comments above indicate and as has been testified by innumerable others, the use of a word like eve-teasing is itself symptomatic of a larger tendency to generally tolerate/ignore a lot of incidents. It's teasing after all, not harassment.

A pretty interesting article on the same subject.

And a link to a online project which for the past three years has sought to combat "teasing" through public initiatives.

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