Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Katrina Awards

The citation

We are proud to present the Katrina Award to:

Despite what chauvinists would say, Kashmir does not comfortably fit the position of the crown jewel of the "Wonder that is India". It is true that Kashmir's accession to India was as valid in legal terms as that of many other princely states, where the wishes of the people were not consulted. But it is also true that few states have been the site of so many controversies and violence as J&K has. J&K has also had the misfortune of possessing and having to interact with leaders who have had no sense of the complexities of the issue.Some members of this glorious group have been almost deliberately blind whereas others have stumbled and bumbled along like bulls in a china shop. Our awardee of the day belongs to the second category. An absolute lack of foresight in managing his own cabinet, a bureaucracy led by a seemingly diabolic-ex-governor, the PR of the government and the protests on the street has ensured that Azad has come out with an egg on his face, communal forces on either sides of the spectrum have got huge breathers and whatever superficial normality that Kashmir seemed to be limping to, is again, a thing of the past. Well since he was the hand-picked by 10 Janpath, I guess it was bound to happen.


Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to inform Katrina that she would be well within her rights to sue you for defamation!

This is a well-deserved award though. :)

Prasanth said...

Honestly speaking..wouldn't mind the lawsuit..could use some publicity.
Any publicity is good publicity;)

anwesha said...

i must congratulate our exceedingly able pheesh reporter for selecting the right images to go with the 'katrina' mood'