Tuesday, July 22, 2008

votes notes-2

This is the post-lunch session and was analysed (:) with some more care

2:05-15 The session has begun and Brijesh Pathak claims that BSP MPs have been instructed to vote for the government if they are to save Mayawati from the CBI. A lot of MPs expressing outrage on this issue. Is this, as Beni Prasas Verma from the SP is suggesting a prelude to the opposition losing. Anyway this exchange is better than Rahul Gandhi .!

2:20 The Left also demands a house committee to enquire into the charges as does the NDA. The Speaker has an amazing sense of humour no doubt and seems to be especially good at snubbing MPs from the Left.

2:25 Rahul Gandhi has been called again Horror Horror!!

2:26 This guy is really bad..we can expect an entire self-sustaining round of jokes from his speech. He is trying to praise Vajpayee’s role in the process. What is this- a lame attempt to be Obama-like bipartisan?

2:30 Rahul Gandhi is trying to redefine the debate by bringing in the aspect of a great Indian century with nuclear energy as the key. Problem is-He is not convincing. But still the UPA applauds especially Sonia Gandhi who applauds longer and more fiercely than others.

2:35 He is concluding, having established nothing. Feel sorry for the guy. It seems he believes in what he says. But that is all he has for him.

2:36 Rahul’s Kennedy moment- worry not how the world will impact us but worry how we will impact the world.

2:40 He is done..Hardly any reception. I guess even I over-estimated him

2:40 Ananth Kumar of the BJP begins. He apparently has only 5 minutes.

2:43 He brings in Bofors as a comparison to the deal….interesting!

2:45 He too brings in the moratorium on future testing. Why on earth is the BJP so insistent on future testing. Pokharan II was bad enough. He is out of time and has hardly started..good riddance though. This was a classic bad speech which just consisted of repetition of speech points with no new perspective or even proper examination of already mentioned perspectives.

2:50 Accuses PM of not upholding sovereignty of India and promptly gets chastised by the Speaker. He quotes Chidamabaram who was quoting Keynes to prove that inflation is bad. Why make all that effort!

2:55 Lalu is on. Translating Laalu is impossible. Simply speaking he is hilarious. He is clinically scathing comparing the Left to Kalidas cutting the branch he was sitting on.

2:57 “Chaar Saal Pehle Tumse Hamko Pyaar Tha..Aaj Bhi Hain, Kal Bhi Rahega”…amazing. Specifically brilliant is his ability to mock all players in one single sentence!

3:00 Anand Geete rabble-rousing again. No clue why!

3:08 Cites the refusal of the NDA to condemn the Iraq war. Damn!! I lose elcectricty at home it will come back only at 5 or 6.

Lalu is a great orator. I do not identify one bit with the politics he espouses and I too have often joined in the community Lalu –bashing but I realize for the first time that the guy is a classy speaker. His voice modulation is splendid and he has the very useful ability to muster arguments which fit together perfectly like pieces in a puzzle. Even better he is great at instant repartee and has the gift of delivering a most hilarious comment with a straight face. Rahul Gandhi…are you watching???


Anonymous said...

Spot on about Lalu. And yes, he's not just an unwitting entertainer.

Did you know that he completely bowled over the hep crowd at ISB when he delivered a talk there? They said he made more sense than hi-fi management gurus!

Anonymous said...

Yerram Naidu was sensational. He was yelling like he thot he was in a Telugu flick, wasn't he?

And how could you miss his calling George Bush "The Bush ... the Bush..."??!!

Prasanth said...

Yerran Naidu was indeed amazing. Another great moment was when he had exceeded his time and the speaker ordered the switching of of his mike and asked the next speaker to begin. So for a brief moment, there was Yerran Naidu gesturing wildly while a woman's voice could be heard.
She was Ranjeeta Ranjan, an MP from Bihar who gained great renown cause the vote enabled her to spend some time with her husband and fellow MP Pappu Yadav who has ben in jail for some time.