Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of confidences and nons

        The confidence motion is being tabled by the government. As a corporate employee, it hurts me that I am in no way able to witness this historic occasion. What is sad about this situation is that there are no blogs/sites which can provide frequent updates like the ones which do the same for cricket scores. Speaks volumes about our national priorities. It would be so nice if we had sites which posted details of the stirring debate:

1:03 pm. Rahul Gandhi calls opposition a bunch of uncomprehending nincompoops.
1:03 pm. The UPA benches rise up and applaud the statement
1:04 pm. Rahul Gandhi says the government exists only to serve the nation.
1:04 pm. The UPA benches rise up and applaud the statement
1:05 pm Rahul Gandhi pauses because he has nothing else to say.
1:06 pm ....
You get the drift.

        The US primary season saw loads of bloggers covering every single utterance, gesture and non-gesture during the debates between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Considering the importance of this moment in Indian history, it truly is sad that there is no such thing of this sort.

PS.The NDTV website has an article on the responses of Indians settled in America to the crisis. A typical extract:
".. politicians of any party should stay away from national security interests. They can politicise internal issues,''

PS2. People who appreciate the sentiment expressed in this post would surely remember the 1996-98 period as the high-point of No-confidence motion debates. The 13- day government debate and the Gowda and Gujaral debates saw a bevy of distinguished and non-distinguished speakers in a series of slug-fests which were truly exciting. Sigh.. those days!

PS3. Actually I just noticed that both NDTV and CNN-IBN(possibly other media organizations as well) have constant updates on the debate on their websites. However they exist mostly in the realm of reporting with none of the analysis or reflection that blog-reporting would bring to the debate.So...


Anonymous said...

lol @ the Rahul Gandhi convo.

Yes indeed, this would have been a fun thing to follow live!!

btw, Mayawati is awesome, aint she??!!

Prasanth said...

She is...But this was coming ever since she established a rainbow coalition and trounced her rivals in the last election. Somehow the chances of her becoming the Prime Minister are not so very faint(where were Gujaral and Gowda anyway) and this will surely open a new chapter in Indian politics and a further lifeline for bloggers like me;)

Anonymous said...

The Rahul Gandhi thingy was quite funny....

It would be great if this were broadcast live. Entertainment for the whole family!

Quirky Indian

Anonymous said...

Loved the Rahul comment. LOL.

This should be telecast live on TV - would beat the current entertainment options any day.

Quirky Indian